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Makalu is the fifth tallest mountain on earth. A close neighbor to Mount Everest, it lies in the northeast region of Nepal. Makalu means the Great Black One, so-called due to its dark brooding appearance. Still, it is a relatively less attempted mountain. So far, the number of individual climbers who have attempted Makalu is only some 300+. Therefore, if you wish to attempt Makalu, you need to have a lot of mountaineering experience including one attempt on an 8,000 meter. The first attempt on Makalu was made by an American team in 1954, but it was first climbed by a French Team in 1955. The mountain has two important subsidiary peaks.

Makalu has steep pitches and knife-edged ridges. The final ascent of the summit pyramid involves technical ice and rock climbing. The route to Makalu Base Camp (4823m) involves a sustained steep slope with magnificent views of Makalu (8481m) to the north. Climbing Makalu is really a demanding attempt – it’s also the reason why Makalu has not been attempted like other peaks. From a base camp at the foot of the Chago Glacier, we will use 4 camps on the mountain, including camp 3 on the Makalu La at 7,400m and a high camp on the North Face at approximately 7,800m.


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 02: Flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar, Trek To Khadbari [1,040 m – four hrs walk.]
Day 03: Trek from Khadbari to Chichila [1830 m 5/6 hrs walk]
Day 04: Trek from Chichila to Num [1490 m - 5 hrs walk]
Day 05: Trek from Mum to Sedua [1460 m - 5/6 hrs walk]
Day 06: Trek from Seuda to Tashi Gaon [2070 M - 5 hrs walk]
Day 07: Tashi Gaon to Kauma [ 3470 m - 6 hrs walk]
Day 08: Rest Day At Kauma
Day 09: Trek from Kauma to Mumbuk [3570 m - 5 hrs walk]
Day 10: Trek from Mumbuk to Neh Kharkha [3700 m - 6 hrs walk]
Day 11: Trek from Neh Kharka to Sherson [4615 m 7 hrs walk]
Day 12: Trek from Sherson to Makalu Base Camp [5000 m - 4/5 hrs walk]
Day 13: Acclimatization Day At Makalu Base Camp
Day 14 - Day 43: Climbing Period for Makalu (8463m)
Day 44: Makalu Base Camp to Neh Kharka (3700 m)
Day 45: Trek from Neh Kharka to Mumbuk
Day 46: Mumbik to Kauma.
Day 47: Kauma to Tashi Gaon Today we stroll a bit lengthy to TashiGaon. Camp
Day 48: Trek to Pakuwa [1520 m]
Day 49: Trek from Pakuwa to Bumlung [[1160m]
Day 50: Trek from Bumling to Tumlingtar [860m]
Day 36: Flight from Tumlingtar to Kathmandu

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